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Comfort Zone Renight Bright & Smooth Ampoules

Comfort Zone Renight Bright & Smooth Ampoules

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Smooth, brighten and renew with our overnight ampoules infused with Retinal, Niacinamide, and a latest generation Peptide. The innovative formula stimulates skin's renewal and luminosity, counteracting signs of aging and fatigue. Clinically proven to reduce fine lines and refresh the eye area.

How To Use:

Apply after cleansing in the evening. The content of one vial is sufficient for two consecutive applications. Once open, use the specific cap to protect the formula. 

1. Use the special vial breaker o open the ampoule.

2. Attach the drop dispenser to the end of the vial. 

3. Gently press the vial to release the product on the palm. 

4. Dab the product on your face and eye area after cleansing.

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