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Comfort Zone Renight Mask 2oz

Comfort Zone Renight Mask 2oz

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Looking for the ideal cosmetic treatment to counteract dryness and visible signs of fine lines on your face? Try RENIGHT Mask, a creamy mask with nourishing and antioxidant action that preserves the skin barrier. The exclusive formula designed in [ comfort zone ] laboratories contains natural oils and hyaluronic acid* that delivers a hydration recharge to the skin. Its fragrance is one of the most-loved and promotes a relaxing feeling, making it the ideal product to apply in the evening.

How To Use:

Apply to cleansed skin in the evening when preparing for bed. Depending on the skin condition, the mask is gradually absorbs. Remove any residue with a facial tissue or with a warm damp face towel.

WARNINGS For those with nut allergies there could possibly be slight sensitivity upon application of the products. Apply a small amount of product to the inner forearm and verify the tolerability.

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