Membership Agreement

Thank you for choosing BOMBSHELL HAIR STUDIO PMA. We are much more than a place to get your hair done. Historically salons were a gathering of people held by an inspiring host. During the gathering they inspire one another and increase their knowledge through conversation. BOMBSHELL HAIR STUDIO PMA provides an experience unlike any other salon in the world. When you walk out our door you won't just look beautiful you'll feel beautiful.

BOMBSHELL HAIR STUDIO, PMA, Life Enhancement Agreement- Associate Membership Agreement

Whereas I, do hereby apply for associate membership in BOMBSHELL HAIR STUDIO, PMA for a lifetime membership. I accept the offer made to become an associate member of BOMBSHELL HAIR STUDIO, PMA and give my oath that I am joining of my own free will and am competent to make judgements and handle my own affairs with no mental handicaps. Furthermore, I have read and agree with the following from the Preamble [declaration of purpose] and Article the First of the Articles of Organization.


We the members together and independently, serving the people, hereby establish a private membership association/organization in the name of BOMBSHELL HAIR STUDIO, PMA . In a quest to accomplish and attain the purposes of health, education, happiness, sharing of wisdom, faith and freedom for all people, the Articles of Organization are hereby established for the private membership association, and


1.1 Name

The name of the Association shall be BOMBSHELL HAIR STUDIO, PMA ”, (hereinafter referred
to as “the Association”) and


The following goals of the Association shall be but not limited to:

A. To bring health, happiness and freedom for all people through just claims for individual rights, property and individual responsibility, and

B. Expression of Faith, Harvesting, Beauty and Health Independence, and

C. To advocate for the improvement of the wisdom of all people though membership and exchange of quality service to mankind, and

D. To engage in such other activities as may be deemed necessary and proper to further the objectives of the Association, within the limitations prescribed by the Articles of Association and all applicable laws, statutes, regulations, rules, and Articles of professional behavior. Any and all other objectives and by-laws shall be listed in the Article of Association attached to these Articles of Organization, and

WHEREAS, the people are free and have the right to contract and the freedom of association, the nature of our activities are in the private domain only.

WHEREAS, the Trustees do have the right to cancel or terminate memberships at any time.

WHEREAS, the Association will recognize any person who is in accordance with the above mentioned principles and policies and provide them an atmosphere where he or she may be able to give their little one(s) the ability to express themselves through exercise, education, and be able to share their ideas on how to enhance that experience.

WHEREAS, the members purpose is to provide the associate members with responsible access to immunity boosting, educational, and health enhancing activities and other such purposes.


WHEREAS, I understand that BOMBSHELL HAIR STUDIO, PMA will provide me with programs and opportunities to engage in health enhancement activities as well as social interactions that bring joy for those of like belief and faith, for me and/or my little one(s).

WHEREAS, I understand that some elements of health enhancement and education may be outside of the control of the Association and may be affected by “Acts of God,” or problems with access.

WHEREAS, I understand that health enhancing and social activities can give positive mental experiences and bring people and or little ones together, yet in all atmospheres there is a chance of injury or unthought of mishaps, and you agree to hold BOMBSHELL HAIR STUDIO, PMA and any members harmless. You agree to use these services, activities and any programs at your own risk.

WHEREAS, you, as an associate member, agree to notify the Association if you are seeing any negative effects or if you're having any problems with activities.

WHEREAS, the Lifetime Membership dues are included in first time purchase of  services and or products.