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Amika Velveteen Dream Smoothing Conditioner

Amika Velveteen Dream Smoothing Conditioner

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The Velveteen Dream Smoothing Conditioner by Amika is an excellent option if you want a top-quality hair conditioner that can protect your hair from frizz and make it silky-smooth. This lightweight formula works well on all hair types, including color-treated hair. The conditioner is specially designed to repair and detangle damaged hair while also shielding it from environmental stressors. To get the best results, use it in combination with the Velveteen Dream Smoothing Shampoo. Regular use of this conditioner can make your hair stronger, smoother, and more manageable, leaving it looking and feeling healthy.

How To Use

  • After shampooing with Velveteen Dream Smoothing Shampoo
  • Massage a small amount from midlengths to ends.
  • Rinse thoroughly.
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